Vidmate: Its Features And Usefulness

You might be wondering what this Vidmate is. Let me tell you that it is nothing but an application with the help of which you can easily play videos, listen to music and at the same time you can download them also. On a survey, it was found that this application is mainly used to download videos from the famous video sharing website, which is known as YouTube. You will be amazed to understand that all its contents have been subcategorized into three tabs, which are Features, video, and apps.

vidmate app logo

In the feature section, you can easily view the video, which is on the trending list. Apart from this, you can also see the complete movies whose primary target audience is of India. This section also enables the user to listen to music online. The second tab of this application is video; in this section, you can view all the video content that exists on the application. Moreover, the best feature of Vidmate is that you can view the video in different video resolution that is 144p, 360p and also in the 720p. Other than downloading the video, if you want, then you can also share them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp or Bluetooth. You will be surprised to know that other than streaming video and listening song, you can also download the app from the Vidmate’s app store. You will find that there are some apps, which are not listed in Google play store for the various reason those apps you, can easily find in Vidmate apps store.

How to find a video in Vidmate

There are various ways by which you can find videos in this app but before that, you need to opt for the vidmate old version download, this will help to make your search easier. After downloading the app you can find the In-app suggestion, in this section, you will mainly find the recommended contents, which are based on several criteria like the trendiness or the popularity. Another way by which you can find the video is with the use of the built-in search tool. With the help of this section, you can search for videos based on your choice or in other words you can say that the video search is more in a customized form based on your searched keyword. There is one more way by which you can find the video in Vidmate, and this is by doing your search based on the category. If you go to the lower section of the app, then you can find the categories of the videos. All that you need to do is browse through all of them so that you can view only those videos, which you like.

You will not find vidmate on Google play store, and hence you need to look for some alternative source.  If you want to opt for the vidmate old version download, then you will have to search it in Google, and from there you can download its apk file.

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